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Introducing wireless vibration sensor with cloud services

Vibration data becomes more accessible with today technology, hence, machine condition. Wireless vibration sensor can be easily and quickly installed on the machines and connected to available wi-fi network sending data to cloud server. One sensor can measure X-Y-Z vibration (tri-axial) and temperature readings simultaneously with time waveform and spectrum data available for detail analysis and machine condition assessment. Data can be accessed anytime from anywhere with cloud services. OPC-UA protocol is also used to export measured data in both static and dynamics (waveform and spectrum) readings for further processing and utilizing in third party system/platform such as machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI) model, SCADA system, dashboard, etc. Highlighted functions and features are shown below.

  • Rugged and small footprint sensor

  • Frequency response 0.1 to 10000 Hz and configurable

  • Non-Ex and Ex proof options are available

  • Long life battery, 3-5 years depending on data collection and uploading interval

  • Battery can be replaced on site without any special tool required

  • Sensor can be connected to the existing wi-fi access point available at plant site

  • Internal memory is available for buffering measured data up to 3 months in case of lost connection to cloud

  • Multiple wi-fi access points can be configured to a sensor

  • User friendly companion software for both machine analyst and system installer

  • Multiple machines and plants/sites can be monitored in the same platform at the same time

  • etc.

More detail of the sensor can be found at https://agen.co.nz/products/.

Machinosis represents Agen products for Thailand, please contact us at contact@machinosis.com for any enquiry and/or additional information required.

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