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Piping Vibration Analysis

If your plant encounters emergency shutdown due to cracked small-bore appendage in piping system, we can help you as following services.

  • Piping and small-bore appendage vibration assessment to screen out the excessive vibration component, risk to cause plant breakdown as well as for further reliability improvement plan. The overall amplitude and individual frequency threshold can be used.

  • Detail study using modal test and operating defection shape (ODS) analysis in-conjunction with finite element to find best solution to reduce vibration level.

Piping Vibration Analysis1
Piping Vibration Analysis2
Structure Vibration Analysis

Are you suspecting that your machine supporting structure has been degrade and encountering high vibration problem due to resonance issue? We can helps you to confirm your hypothesis and provide the best solution to fix the problem.

Structural Vib-2
Structural Vib-5
Structural Vib-1
Structural Vib-3
Structural Vib-4
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