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Rotating Machinery Malfunctions Diagnostics

  • Machinery vibration monitoring and protection

  • Machinery dynamic bahaviors

  • Data collection at different operating modes

  • Vibration sensors and instrumention

  • Digital signal processing

  • Vibration data plots interpretations

  • Vibration description and severity assessment

  • Static and dynamics rotor position

  • Resonance problem identification

  • Unbalance and field balancing

  • Misalignment  identification

  • Rubbing Identification

  • Fluid induced instability - whirl/whip

  • Structural vibration testing and modal analysis

  • Piping vibration analysis and correction

  • Torsional vibration analysis

  • Real machine case study

  • etc.

Rotordynamics Modeling and Analysis

  • Introduction - importance and needs

  • Review API 684 standard

  • Mechanical properties calculation

  • Rotor modeling techniques

  • Rotor properties assessment

  • Free-Free analysus

  • Undamped critical speed analysis

  • Bearing, seals, impeller modeling

  • Damped critical analysis

  • Stability analysis

  • Unbalance rotor response analysis

  • Torsional modeling and analysis

  • Transient analysis

Vibration Analyst Certification Courses

We are certified training and examination center for vibration analyst course according to ISO standard using training system and material from Mobius Institute, Australia. We are authorized to deliver the following training courses and certification both private and public.

  • Vibration Analyst Cat. I

  • Vibration Analyst Cat. II

  • Vibration Analyst Cat. III

  • Vibration Analyst Cat. IV

Our course instructor is certified vibration analyst Cat. IV according to ISO standard with hand-on experience in the field for more than 18 years.

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