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The impossible is now possible : measuring pipe vibration inside the furnace

High vibration was observed at pipes installed inside the furnace in a refinery and this results in a concern of fatigue failure. This can cause plant unplanned shutdown, hence, production lost. Customer would like to do fatigue failure assessment based on vibration data (frequency and amplitude) inputted.

Measuring such pipe vibration with conventional contact vibration sensor/method is impossible due to its extreme operating condition. How is about non-contact vibration measurement method?

IRIS M Motion Amplification camera makes this possible as it is non-contact method and vibration data can be observed and measured through observing windows then waveform and spectrum data can be extracted from motion amplification (MA) video. The data can then be exported to excel for further engineering study, simulation, and prediction of dynamic stress using FEA (finite element analysis). Predicted dynamic stress can then be evaluated against material S-N curve for fatigue assessment.

This work was done successfully and effectively!

Our services team are trained and certified MA analyst, so please feel free to contact us when there is any help required. Contact:

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