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Using multi-channel vibration analyzer with powerbank

I started my career as machinery diagnostics engineer in 1999 when multi-channel vibration analyzer is big size and heavy compared to the ones in the market today. It has compact footprint, light weight, and powerful functions and features with companion software.

The highlighted feature here is to power vibration analyzer with battery (or powerbank) when there is no accessibility to power supply and/or working in petrochemical plant where special power plug and cable are required. With one full charge, it can be used for 8-12 hours even the analyzer itself is also powering temporary vibration sensors through Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric (IEPE) coupling. External power supply and signal conditioner module is not required plus eliminating a lot of work on the wiring. There are many sensor types which can be powered by IEPE nowadays a part from vibration ones such as dynamic pressure, impact force hammer, microphone, some types of strain gage etc. In general, most of powerbank has multiple outputs which can power multiple devices at the same time including data acquisition computer.

This makes field work more convenient saving time and energy to collect data. Machinery analyst/diagnostician can then have more time to focus and concentrate on data analysis, machine condition assessment, and solving the problem being identified.

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