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We got many good shots today!

We started inducing and demonstrating motion amplification (MA) to our customers in the region with many good feedbacks and comments so far. This is very effective complementary tool to conventional vibration measurement and analysis which can be applied to almost every applications in many industries. However, we first initially focus on machinery, structure, and piping vibration analysis mainly in oil & gas and power generation industries. It helps us to see vibration problem clearer than ever, hence, solution can be determined faster. We can also use it to assess vibratory behaviors of large structure e.g. piping, reactor tower, bridge, building, etc. where there is out of reach by conventional vibration measurement.

With this technology, we recently used to study vibration problem of steam piping (extreme high temperature) for dynamic stress analysis/prediction and fatigue assessment in order to design new pipe support. Another similar cases were done for many reciprocating compressors with piping vibration problem. MA was used to measure piping vibration and better understand pipe/small bore connection and its support motion before we can utilize its results to calibrate FEA modal analysis model for support design and selection. More case study is on the way as we grow and solve more field vibration problems.

Our services team are trained and certified, so please feel free to contact us when there is any help required.

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