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Practical operating deflection shape and modal analysis course, 17-19 Aug 2022

I am very delighted that we could make this last month for around 20 students in the class. This project was committed since last year with budget and everything approved but we could not finalize the schedule due to pandemic. As the team is very keen to learn, I hope they gained more experience and confident on this subject when troubleshooting vibration problems.

This course is designed from our experience with practical approach in mind ensuring that the following objectives are met.

1. To correctly identify resonance and/or structure vibration problems

2. To be able to perform operating deflection shape (ODS) analysis

3. To be able to perform various levels of modal analysis

4. To be able to apply numerical simulation such as FEA for structure modification

Course brochure and agenda are attached for those who might be interested to attend our future course.

practical modal analysis_rev5
Download PDF • 175KB

Agenda per day_MCL1_y2022_rc1
Download PDF • 81KB

For more detail, please feel free to contact us at

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