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ASUG 2018 Conference in San Diego CA

Machinosis will be participating ASUG 2018 conference in San Diego, CA this year. Case study of different applications will be presented, for example vibration analysis of turbomachinery, structural vibration analysis, acoustic/noise source identification, etc. The agenda is also blended with gas turbine combustion dynamics monitoring and analysis which is getting more and more important in power generation market these days due to tighter environmental regulations. Please visit for more detail.


Vibration problems troubleshooting on hydroturbine-generator after major overhaul R. Chumai – Machinosis

The case study will discuss many vibration issues occurred to this machine during re-commissioning after major overhaul e.g. abnormal change in casing vibration, excessive unbalance, high runout, out-magnetic center, etc. Vibration data analysis was done with all temporary vibration sensors installed, hence, multiple channels vibration analyzer plays very important role to get this job done properly and effectively.

Solving resonant vibration problem of transformer cooling oil pipe R. Chumai – Machinosis

Cooling oil pipe of a 720 MW transformer revealed excessive vibration amplitude at normal operating condition. The root cause was identified due to resonance problem when operating speed of cooling oil pump and fan are coincident with natural frequency of cooling oil pipe and circulating pump. FEA modal analysis is carried and calibrated with vibration data measured and experimental modal analysis results before structure modification was proposed. Vibration amplitude reduced significantly after adding more pipe support.

Structural vibration analysis of agitator in petrochemical plant R. Chumai – Machinosis

Agitator/mixer installed in a petrochemical plant showed excessive vibration amplitudes at gearbox and motor measurement points when increased operating speed from 40 to 80 rpm. Details vibration analysis is required to find the root cause as well as solution. Conventional vibration testing was conducted in conjunction with operating deflection shape, modal analysis, and motion amplification before finite element analysis can be done to find the most effective solution to this machine with field vibration data calibrated.

Noise source identification and acoustics analysis of flow control valve R. Chumai – Machinosis

There is excessive noise revealed from a pipework area in refinery which consists of many equipment installed on the same pipeline e.g. check valve, manual valve, flow control valve, etc. Noise source could not be identified from human senses. Therefore, acoustics analysis is required in conjunction with vibration data measurement is required. Noise source was identified correctly before a solution was proposed to change orifice design to reduce the noise.

Extended 720 MW coal fired plant with online machine condition monitoring system R. Chumai – Machinosis

This is 1440 MW coal fired power plant with 720 MW each block. First block was under outage in progress with remaining plant output from the second block. Unfortunately, primary air fan of this block revealed excessive vibration amplitude and it can cause to trip the unit and whole block anytime. To maintain and extend plant operation until the first block is putted back in service again. The unit was diagnosed high vibration amplitude due to misalignment and bearing metal temperature monitoring is important. Online machine condition monitoring system is required to monitor vibration data correlating with temperature to keep the unit running successfully as appropriate action can be promptly taken when vibration amplitudes were increasing. Bearing metal temperature was controlled by external cooling air fan with support from plant operator.

This would be another very exciting "Share & Learn" session for us this year. See you there!

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