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Innovative and powerful vibration analyzer for turbomachinery diagnostics

When we do machinery problem troubleshooting, we want to focus on finding the root causes and then recommendation to fix or rectify it without worry about using tool and collecting the data. Vibration analyzer plays a major role to this as we need a tool which can give us all data we need both quantity and quality presenting in various types of plots (transient and steady state) and yet easy to use. Then, we can complete our mission smoothly and successfully. Machinosis always uses an innovative and powerful vibration analyzer for turbomachinery diagnostics works as well as when other works or applications required e.g. structural dynamics analysis, noise/acoustics analysis, etc. in order to analyze and solve complex problem.

Example in the photos above are when we used 24 channels plus 4 keyphasers (used only 2 for this case) vibration analyzer to do vibration analysis and field balancing on a 58 MW gas turbine-gearbox-generator set after major overhaul. Vibration and dynamic pressure data was hooked up from existing the vibration monitoring system installed as well as temporary sensors were installed at some points where we needed additional data. Two (2) keyphasers were temporarily installed at high and low-speed shaft since there is no permanent keyphaser installed. The job was executed effectively and smoothly.

Sometimes it is not all about machinery vibration since it can be influenced by structure or piping vibration or others but we can complete all tests with one analyzer with some highlighted functions and features below.

  • Small footprint, compact, lightweight, and powerful software functions and features, approx. 1 kg per 10 channels box (8 dynamic/vibration + 2 keyphaser)

  • Channel count per one unit is 40 including maximum 8 keyphasers so it can be configured to be 32 vibration channels + 8 keyphasers, 36+4, 38+2 or other combination similar to these examples.

  • It is all-in-one design as one package (hardware+software) can be used for multiple applications e.g. general purpose spectrum analysis, turbomachinery vibration analysis, modal analysis, operating deflection shape (ODS) analysis, combustion dynamic monitoring and analysis, acoustic, or others.

  • IEPE direct power supply to transducer with configurable as AC, DC, IEPE, or IEPE-DC options. There is no separate power supply hardware or signal conditioner required.

  • Multiple spectrum/data resolution can be configured with different number of spectrum for each measurement group

  • Number of waveform per static sample is configurable e.g. 10/1, etc.

  • Integrate function with High-pass filter available to reject low-frequency noise from integration process

  • Configurable plot cursor synchronization up to four (4) groups

  • Gapless raw data (digital recording data) is available which can be replayed and re-sampled anytime without hardware/replay card required. Worry free of missing data or wrong data collection configuration/settings.

  • Vibration analyzer can be used with battery/power bank when required. Power adapter is standard type which can be found locally.

  • Logic and script can be set and used for various applications and purposes. Lots of mathematic calculation and diagnostics rules available.

  • All waveform data (spectrum, full spectrum, orbit/timebase) and tabular list can be linked and synchronized with trend, rotor position, and bode/polar plots which is very useful for analysis works.

  • Site report print out tool by just one click. This is very useful function for submitting preliminary report to customer before leaving from site and then final report can be prepared and submitted later.

  • Various options of data exporting e.g. ME’scope VES (r), MATLAB(r), UFF file, etc.

  • Many more.

Contact us for more details at On site or remote demo is available if required.

Notes: ME'scope VES is a trademark of Vibrant Technology, Inc. MATLAB is a trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

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