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Master vibration analyst Cat. IV course by Machinosis

We just finished our first Vibration Analyst Cat. IV course last month in Rayong, Thailand. It was great and pleasure to support our customers here mastering their career growth, knowledge, and experience. This covers advanced topics in vibration analysis such as modal & ODS analysis, Rotordynamics, turbomachinery malfunctions diagnostics, absorber and isolator design, etc. as well as fundamental topics refreshment.

Machinosis is certified Mobius Institute’s training partner and examination center. Our instructor is Vibration Analyst Cat. IV certified and we can conduct certificate courses (Vibration analyst Cat. I, II, III, and IV) and non-certificate courses as for examples below.

  • Rotating machinery malfunctions diagnostics

  • Practical modal and operating deflection shape analysis

  • Field balancing

  • Rotordynamics modeling and analysis

For Master Vibration Analyst Cat IV course, we are planning to open a public course next year in Pattaya, Thailand with tentative schedule in Q3. We will update you as soon as finalized, so please stay in touch! Any inquiry or question, please feel free to contact us at or visit our web site for update and more details.

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