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Attended the 20th Korea Rotating Machinery Symposium (KRMS) Conference

KRMS is an international symposium for sharing relevant information and field experience among rotating machinery field experts. In the 20th KRMS, more than 300 experts from all over the world are attending this event at The-K Hotel Seoul, South Korea during 14th to 16th November 2018. Number of key rotating machinery manufacturers are showing their innovative product and technology as well as technology presentation. Following pictures are some part of this event.

The highlighted topics including;

- reciprocating compressor/pump problem solving and reliability improvement.

- quick and easy piping vibration reduction.

- innovative NDT inspection for steam turbine SCC problem.

- rotating machinery component problem / root cause analysis.

- significant energy saving for reciprocating compressor.

- field balancing cautions.

- piping vibration analysis, design, risk assessment.

- compressor reverse rotation prevention.

- compressor high bearing temperature problem solving/root cause identification.

- etc.

The attendants are expert from oil/gas, petrochemical, power generation, machinery and instrument manufacturers, EPC, plant inspection and maintenance services , and researcher.

Machinosis is involving this event as a speaker sharing a case study presentation regarding our services. Note that INFAITH is our partner company based in Seoul, South Korea. They are expert in vibration measurement, motion amplification, alignment, etc.

Thanks to all contributors and organizer of this very good event.

Good Event!

Good to Join!

See you Next year!

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