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Shared & Learn session at VANZ Conference 2019, Queenstown, NZ

We attended VANZ Conference 2019 in Queenstown, NZ last week and presented two papers below. It was great and pleasure to be there again with warm welcome always. The topics cover main power source of the country and I hope this would be helpful and useful for the attendees.

Gas turbine vibration analysis and field balancing

Gas turbine is widely used in many process plants especially in power generation and oil & gas industry including up, mid, and downstream process. Vibration monitoring and analysis is vitally important for machinery condition assessment to promptly identify if any developing problem. The unit comes with different designs, types, and configurations so this makes different vibration characteristics, hence, its monitoring system and analysis technique is different. This presentation will discuss on both heavy duty industrial and aeroderivative gas turbine types, vibration monitoring for each type, and machine behaviors. Common machine malfunctions will be discussed with focusing on rotor unbalance as main problem encountered by plant personnel and users. This will also include field balancing methods and techniques with many practical case studies.

Keywords: gas turbine, vibration analysis, field balancing, heavy duty industrial gas turbine, aeroderivative gas turbine

Vibration characteristics of hydro turbine-generator set with case study

Hydro turbine-generator set has very unique vibration behaviors and it seems to be problematic in many cases even it generally run at low operating speed. One of the reasons for that is vibration characteristics can be influenced by mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic interactions. Fully understanding of machine behaviors and sufficient field measurement data is key to success. This presentation will discuss basic working principle of hydro power plant, turbine/runner types and configuration, vibration monitoring, and possible vibration problems. Number of case study will be presented covering various machine malfunctions along with practical solution or mitigation, for example rotor unbalance, misalignment/centering issue, rough load zone operation, fluid induced instability, vortex rope formation and effect, fluid-stationary interactions.

Keywords: hydro turbine, vibration monitoring system, hydro power plant, rough load zone, vortex rope, fluid induced instability, field balancing, fluid stationary interaction

Thank you all questions and good discussion throughout the event.


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