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Basic Motion Amplification (MA) Training in Thailand

We conducted training course during 13 to 15 June 2022 for users who purchased motion amplification (MA) camera, a product of RDI Technologies, Inc, USA. Machinosis is distributor of their products for Thailand.

Students learned the basic operation and some advanced techniques of video-based vibration measurement and analysis using Motion Amplification (MA) technology such as software components/functions/features, how to set-up camera to archive the best quality video, video filtering, vibration data extraction and analysis, MA video clip report preparation and presentation, etc.

Instructor also showed many real case studies from machine diagnostics and troubleshooting works, structural vibration problems, etc. Students can then quickly apply what they have learned to monitor and diagnose their machinery/structure vibration problems efficiently.

This is also hands-on training course as students have to work on real machines/rotor kits using diagnose the real problem using their own MA camera kits. Certification examination is taken place on the final day of the class with 70% pass score before they can be certified MA analyst.

Notes: Motion Amplification is a trademark of RDI Technologies Inc, USA.


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