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Commissioning support and troubleshooting high vibration problem on a new steam turbine

This is our last job of year 2021 working on a new steam turbine – generator set during commissioning. Unit installation was completed and it is about to be handed over to customer. However, they encountered high vibration amplitudes at turbine exhaust bearing during load variation test, therefore, detail vibration measurement, analysis, and troubleshooting is required.

The existing vibration instrument is very minimum as there is only a seismic vibration sensor installed in vertical axis at each bearing housing, hence, this is considered insufficient for assessing machine condition as well as finding possible root cause of excessive vibration.

We worked closely with customer to prepare vibration probe sleeve on site for using with the existing provision holes provided by machine manufacturer and managed to temporarily install X-Y shaft vibration probes and X-Y-Z seismic vibration sensors at turbine inlet and exhaust bearings with additional laser keyphaser at turbine shaft for the commissioning test. All signals were then wired up to multiple-channels vibration analyzer (AS1250FE) for real time recording and analyzing the data. The measured data was completed with good signals throughout the test, therefore, machine condition was fully assessed.

We have innovative and powerful tools to work on all kinds of vibration problems of machinery as well as associated structures/piping in both field measurement (experimental) and analytical approaches. These are included the followings.

· Multi channels vibration analyzer (80+ channels) #vibrationanalyzer

· Torsional vibration measurement kit #torsionalvibrationanalysis

· Motion Amplification® with high-speed camera #motionamplification

· Rotordynamics modeling and analysis software #rotordynamics

· FEA and CFD modeling and analysis software #FEA, #CFD

· Experimental modal and operating deflection shape analysis #modal, #ODS

· Various of dynamic and static sensors such as vibration, force, pressure, strain, etc. #vibrationsensor, #dynamicpressure, #straingage, #forcesensor, #keyphaser

Need help to solve your machinery vibration problems either on-site or remote work, please contact us at or visit our web site

Note: Motion Amplification® is a trademark of RDI Technologies, USA.


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