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Pre and post outage vibration data collection and analysis

This is mandatory for power generation and petrochemical plants overhaul as vibration data must be collected at before and after overhaul (aka pre and post outage). Pre-outage vibration data can be used to assess machine condition, support maintenance works, and/or optimize work scope during outage. Post-outage vibration data is even more important during machine startup when it is being returned back to service to ensure there is no hidden problem during long-term operation. It is also used to identify if any mechanical problem along the way to normal operating condition as it can be quickly identified and corrected effectively. Then, startup and normal operating condition data will be used as baseline data set for future reference of known good condition. This can be recalled when required to compare with current vibration data if any change in machine condition, hence, remedy action can be taken. Vibration characteristics can be compared in term of overall amplitude, phase, position, frequency, shape and form which mostly can be done by overlay data plots available in modern vibration analysis software.

The pictures show that these machines have no online machinery management system installed (only machinery protection system available), therefore, multiple channels vibration analyzers are used which is nearly 50 channels in this case for one (1) main steam turbine-generator set and two (2) trains of steam turbine driven boiler feed pump. With small footprint/compact size analyzer and powerful software, this requires only one (1) field engineer to handle all the works required on these machine trains.


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