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Modal and operating deflection shape analysis course

This is another technique required for machinery diagnostician to solve structural vibration problems which can result in excessive vibration amplitude of machine skid, foundation/support, piping and associated structures, etc. it can be due to resonant vibration problem and/or weak stiffness structure due to insufficient support, crack, and/or looseness.

I have been looking for this course for many years but I could not find the practical one until I have created my own course with contents below.

  • Make correct malfunction diagnostics

  • Perform various resonance test techniques

  • Operating deflection shape analysis

  • Motion amplification analysis

  • Experimental Modal analysis (various levels)

  • Dynamic stiffness measurement

  • Analytical modal analysis (with FEA)

  • Resonance exciting sources analysis

  • Acoustics and vortex shedding frequency analysis

  • Structure modification and simulation

  • Extensive study – dynamics stress analysis, vibration prediction, and fatigue assessment

  • Solutions selection and proposal

  • Many case studies of actual problems from various applications

We are quite confident that student can perform this type of work right after the class based theory, workshop, and example works delivered in the 3-days training class. This can be in-house as well as public arrangement. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at

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