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Vibration Analyst CAT IV course by Machinosis

We are working to open another VCAT IV course early next year as shown below. If you are interested in the following topics, we will discuss during the course.

  • turbomachinery vibration analysis and machinery diagnostics

  • modal testing and analysis techniques

  • operating deflection shape analysis

  • field balancing of turbomachinery

  • rotordynamics modeling and analysis

  • advanced signal processing

  • etc.

Machinosis is Mobius Institute's training partner based in Thailand. We specialize in machinery condition monitoring and diagnostics predominantly for turbomachinery and its associated structures. Various techniques mentioned above are used in day-to-day basis to identify machine malfunctions, troubleshoot, and solve the problems. We have experienced working on various machine types and industries with different malfunctions/problems which can add more value to the course.

We also set schedule for other courses next year as you can find at Mobius Institute web site or contact us at


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